An Objection To Learning Objectives

When you first become a teacher it’s very hard to know if what you’ve been told in your training is actually best practice or just the latest in a long list of trends to hit the teaching profession. Over the years schools all over the country have enthusiastically embraced (and later discarded): Learning Styles, Brain Gym, formal planning templates,… Continue reading An Objection To Learning Objectives


Universal Free School Meals Could Make Schools Poorer

Whilst it’s nice to see a Labour Party policy dominating the news agenda for once, I can’t help but feel disheartened by their universal free school meals policy. The plan is simple: charge the parents of children who attend private schools a tax of 20% on their fees and use the money to provide a free school lunch… Continue reading Universal Free School Meals Could Make Schools Poorer


The Grey Area

Over the last 18 months, politics has become more emotive, polarised and tribal than ever before. If you’re to believe social media, it would be easy to think the whole world divides neatly into two categories: you’re either a racist Brexiteer or a liberal Remoaner, a Corbynista or a Blairite, a Globalist or a Nationalist. The… Continue reading The Grey Area

Guest Posts · Politics

Britain isn’t the Rust Belt – is it business as usual after Thursday’s by-elections?

Originally posted on Tim Paramour:
“Labour will get its strength back, the Lib Dems will fight by-elections wearing sandals and the Tories will bugger us all. The sun will rise, the sun will set and, like an episode of The Simpsons, everything will go back to how it was at the start.” Full disclosure of…