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GUEST POST: How Early Should The Early Years Be?

Let me first introduce myself and explain why this blog won’t be as expertly written as it usually is. On a previous blog Zoe quotes Hemmingway, “the first draft of everything is shit.” For Zoe, this is a comfort to her in reading her first drafts. I’m sorry but my final draft is still a bit… Continue reading GUEST POST: How Early Should The Early Years Be?

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GUEST POST: Coming Out In The Classroom

‘Never discuss your private life’. Along with ‘don’t smile before Christmas’, this is one of the first commandments drilled into you in teacher training, but what happens when your private life is visibly tied up with your identity? 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. The summer has been simultaneously shocking and… Continue reading GUEST POST: Coming Out In The Classroom

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Britain isn’t the Rust Belt – is it business as usual after Thursday’s by-elections?

Originally posted on Tim Paramour:
“Labour will get its strength back, the Lib Dems will fight by-elections wearing sandals and the Tories will bugger us all. The sun will rise, the sun will set and, like an episode of The Simpsons, everything will go back to how it was at the start.” Full disclosure of…

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“Take Back Control” and the Death of the Policy

This guest post comes from Alex Hunter, Insights & Analytics Director for Hearth Group and a longstanding Labour member. He shares his thoughts on the role policy has to play in the era of the political slogan.  On the 18th of February 2017, Donald Trump held a rally in Florida where supporters held aloft signs… Continue reading “Take Back Control” and the Death of the Policy

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GUEST POST: Generation Rent

This week’s guest post comes from one of my favourite people – Kath Shaw. We’ve been friends ever since the day we had to create a make-shift rubbish disposal cart whilst working together at a multiplex cinema. Our cinema days are behind us and we’re now grown-ups trying to navigate life in London. By day Kath works in PR… Continue reading GUEST POST: Generation Rent