Introducing: #ChristmasCarolChallenge


I’ve been doing my annual read of, “A Christmas Carol” one of my favourite Christmas stories and it gave me an idea. I’m not taking part in “Blogmas” (for those who aren’t familiar with the term, “Blogmas” is a blogger challenge that involves writing every day from December 1st – 25th on the theme of Christmas.) I always felt it would seem at odds with the education/politics posts I write most of the year.

The idea is really simple:



No prizes for guessing what the 3 posts are about:

1. Christmas/Christmases past

This could be the recent past or a Christmas from your childhood. What was Christmas like for you as a child? Whether it was making gingerbread or roasting chestnuts on an open fire (does anyone actually do that?) to pelting your siblings with chocolates after a particularly stressful game of Monopoly – we want to hear about it.

You could write about one specific Christmas or the Christmas traditions you’ve kept throughout the years. It could even be about the first Christmas you can remember.

2. Christmas Present

This one is fairly straightforward. How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

3. Christmas future

Be as creative as you like about this one. This could be a Christmas you hope to have in the future or even a bleaker vision if you really want to get in touch with your inner Dickens

How To Get Involved


Write your posts and share it on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag: #ChristmasCarolChallenge.

If you don’t have a blog and would like to get involved you could write your piece as Facebook status or in a Word Document and screenshot it for Twitter. You can even write your piece and share it as a comment under any of the #ChristmasCarolChallenge posts. If we are inundated with pieces from non-bloggers then I’ll compile them as a post.

The challenge will be running until December 31st. Your posts don’t have to be written on consecutive days – you can write them as and when you want. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience and a chance to be creative. I can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Happy writing!


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