Other Musings

That’s What She Read 2016

Last year I did an end of year review of everything I’d read in 2015. I read one book a month in 2015 and set myself the challenge of two a month for 2016. Now it’s worth remembering that I spent three months of this year travelling around the world on trains with ample time to… Continue reading That’s What She Read 2016

Other Musings

The Post of Christmas Past

Having launched the #ChristmasCarolChallenge a couple of weeks ago a rather exciting project appeared out of the blue which didn’t leave me with a lot of free time to actually write my own post. However I am now back at my Mum’s sat by the Christmas tree waiting for my nephews’ presents to be delivered so… Continue reading The Post of Christmas Past


#Teacher5aday Day 2 – Managing Workload & Marking

In 2015 the DfE summoned our brightest and best teachers, consultants and educationalists and commissioned them to carry out a review of teachers’ workload, the findings of which can be found in this report. Having scrutinised marking policies, the Workload Review team concluded that marking should be underpinned by three key principles. It should be: meaningful, manageable and motivating. Most of… Continue reading #Teacher5aday Day 2 – Managing Workload & Marking


Should We Correct Our Pupils’ Speech?

We’ve all had it. About twenty minutes into a lesson a small hand is tentatively raised. “Miss Brown, can I go toilet?” “No. You can go TO the toilet. You can’t go toilet.” Any of my ex. pupils will recognise that as my standard response. It didn’t matter if the child was in Year 1 or Year… Continue reading Should We Correct Our Pupils’ Speech?


Introducing: #ChristmasCarolChallenge

I’ve been doing my annual read of, “A Christmas Carol” one of my favourite Christmas stories and it gave me an idea. I’m not taking part in “Blogmas” (for those who aren’t familiar with the term, “Blogmas” is a blogger challenge that involves writing every day from December 1st – 25th on the theme of Christmas.)… Continue reading Introducing: #ChristmasCarolChallenge