30 Thoughts As I Approach 30


On Wednesday morning we’ll wake up to the news that America have elected either Trump or Clinton as their president. Incidentally it’ll also be my thirtieth birthday. Here are some thoughts on that matter. Actually a lot of these thoughts aren’t about that matter they’re just thoughts.

1. I wonder how old I’ll be when Article 50 is triggered?

2. I should probably start wearing matching socks now.

3. A decade ago I had a much clearer career path ahead of me than I do now.

4. At what age will it be considered inappropriate to go to “Pets At Home” just to look at the rabbits?

5. Where IS Liz Truss?

6. I never imagined I’d be living back at home at the age of the 30. Even if it is only temporarily.

7. I think 15-year-old Zoe would be happy with how 30-year-old Zoe turned out. Even if I’m not living in New York with 8 cats. And I don’t have a job with a salary. Or even a proper home.

8. Although I’m quite relieved that 15-year-old Zoe’s plan to have 4 children by the age of 40 never really worked out.

9. I move to Amsterdam in 9 days. That’s pretty cool.

10. I should start learning dutch.

11. Maybe I’ll make a cake.

12. Buy. I meant buy a cake.

13. And by cake. I mean cheese.

14. People born in 1998 can legally drink. Not just a glass of wine with a meal but properly drink. 1998.

15. Whilst I’m quite looking forward to turning 30, I’m pretty sure I was only 22 last year.

16. I am married. Married. Writing that is far more surreal than writing about turning 30.

17. I’ll probably still be one of the youngest people at National Trust properties (who hasn’t been dragged there by their parents.)

18. How the hell are UKIP still a real thing?

19. It’s probably time to accept I’m never going to be a Blue Peter presenter.

20. And it’s unlikely I’ll ever be an Olympic athlete. Although I’m not ruling that one out entirely.

21. Where did my “30 before 30 list” go?

22. Is it acceptable to write a “40 before 40 list” now or is that just ridiculous? At least I’d have plenty of time to actually do everything on the list.

23. I wonder if my love of having a pint on my own is a legitimate pastime or something to worry about?

24. At what age will I start feeling like a grown-up?

25. I should get some sort of skincare routine. That’s something grown ups do.

26. Whilst I’m at it I should teach myself some new hairstyles just so I have a third option other than “up” or “down.”

27. Does anyone actually feel like a grown up? Where are all the grown ups?

28. Does this mean I have to own an iron now?

29. At what age will it be ridiculous for this blog still be called “The Girl On The Piccadilly Line?”

30. I fucking hope I don’t wake up to the announcement that Trump is President.



6 thoughts on “30 Thoughts As I Approach 30

  1. Congratulations Zoe! Turning 30 is quite momentous really! Now you enter that esteemed group of 30 somethings! Yes you should have a 40 before 40 list. Wish I had had that list or indeed any list at all. As the maestro John Lennon said: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans!” Seems like those other plans often get shunted out by life. Just this morning at breakfast I wrote to some FB ‘friends’ that we should count our blessings. Having just seen “I, Daniel Blake”, I feel it is even more important not to moan all the time. Mind you there is much to moan about in the world today and I need to live up to my age as a ‘grumpy old man’ too! So will Trump win or even come close to winning which is probably as bad or is it all a media scare story? My son lives in California a state which has more democrats than any other, probably. He seems unsure about the result as he contemplates shelling out the $700 or so to become a US citizen….would he want to under a Trump presidency? The world seems to have gone mad but these are dangerous times too! Trump maybe a good joke on the US and the world but his like are tasting power across the globe. We are reaping the sins of the generation who claimed “there is no such thing as society’ and followed up with “greed is good!” Now those self made billionaires are in charge and seeking political power. Their past glory indeed $billions were not made easily and without injuring many thousands in their wake.
    But back to turning 30! Looking back it is a great age to be but for me turning 40 was the best….head at Sevenoaks C P and a new relationship beginning (now 26 years young!). So Zoe the best is yet to come and life is just getting warmed up. As for growing up? The answer is NEVER, if you are lucky! So just stay young…..and as for those socks? matching is so boring!


  2. You are clearly genetically predispositioned to
    Wear odd socks, love cheese, loathe ironing and enjoy the odd solitary pint!
    That same gene pool will probably ensure you don’t ever quite grow up, that Christmas will always be a massively special thing and fairy lights will just have to be white!!


  3. Don’t count your chickens re: number 8 : between the ages of 30 & 40 I had 4 babies…. and no, I’m 21 years older than you and haven’t grown up yet and life gets better as the decades go on … honest! 😜 Happy 30th!


  4. Regarding questions 24 and 27… In my experience, nobody ever really feels like an adult. People who claim they do are probably just faking it for the camera.

    Another possible definition: You’re an adult when you realize that The Grown Ups are never coming back to supervise you.

    In any case: Congratulations on 30. It is a Rite-of-Passage year, numerologically speaking.


  5. I’m almost 35 and I don’t feel like a grown up! And I like bunnies!

    “Is it acceptable to write a “40 before 40 list” now or is that just ridiculous? At least I’d have plenty of time to actually do everything on the list.” Oh yes, it’s acceptable 😉


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