Guest Posts

GUEST POST: Generation Rent

This week’s guest post comes from one of my favourite people – Kath Shaw. We’ve been friends ever since the day we had to create a make-shift rubbish disposal cart whilst working together at a multiplex cinema. Our cinema days are behind us and we’re now grown-ups trying to navigate life in London. By day Kath works in PR… Continue reading GUEST POST: Generation Rent


Scotland Deserves A Second Referendum

On the Trans-Siberian Express we met a lovely Scottish chap named Quentin. He was from Edinburgh and a huge politics enthusiast. He’d ended up making friends with some Australian boys who knew very little about British politics and, combined with no internet access, he had been unable to indulge his interest. His eyes almost lit up when… Continue reading Scotland Deserves A Second Referendum


The Sneering Liberal Elite

Divide and rule has been the Conservative Party’s strategy since the beginning of time – nothing unites people more than a common enemy.  In the ’60s it was black people and all their crimes – those who were around at the time of 1964 elections will remember that they distributed leaflets that said, “If you want… Continue reading The Sneering Liberal Elite


“I mean, who hasn’t gotten head in the Oval office?”

This post is dedicated to Vincent. One of the things you learn to love/begrudgingly accept about Americans is their complete lack of inhibitions. They’ll talk to absolutely anyone – forget “Tube Chat” – they’ll do Walmart aisle/filling the car up with gas/queuing for the bathroom chat – no badge required. In the time it takes you to order… Continue reading “I mean, who hasn’t gotten head in the Oval office?”