Kinder, gentler politics

Last week I was asked by a journalist from the Huffington Post if I would like to feature in an article he was writing about young voters who voted for Corbyn last year but won’t vote for him again in the coming leadership elections. I agreed to be in the article for one simple reason: I think… Continue reading Kinder, gentler politics


The Eagle Has Landed. Sort Of.

Stereotypes are often exaggerated and unfair. Not all British people have a stiff upper lip, not all doctors have terrible handwriting and people with blonde hair don’t necessarily have more fun. The media have a huge part to play in generating these stereotypes and they love nothing more than presenting the Conservative Party and cruel… Continue reading The Eagle Has Landed. Sort Of.

Guest Posts

Five Reasons why these Test Results Tell us Precisely Nothing.

Originally posted on Tim Paramour:
? In the aftermath of the publication of Key Stage 2 assessment results on Tuesday, much of the criticism by unions and other teaching organisations has, quite reasonably, been that the government’s new tests are too hard, that they are setting children up to fail and that the content is…


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

One would assume that the week that the Prime Minister resigns is, on balance, quite a good week for the opposition. Sadly the Labour Party appear to have decided to compete with the Conservatives to win the: “Which party can self-destruct the fastest” competition and for once Labour are winning hands-down. Last summer I voted for Jeremy… Continue reading You Can’t Always Get What You Want