Trying To Make Some Sense Of It All

It’s taken me a few days to put this post together. I first started it at 5am on Friday morning as I sat in tears, having had just two hours sleep, trying to make some sense of what had happened. Reading it back it read much like one of those unhinged post-break up emails that… Continue reading Trying To Make Some Sense Of It All


Let’s make Britain great – not Great.

There must be a PR mastermind working in the Vote Leave camp because “Let’s make Britain Great again!” is a very strong slogan. It sounds good, doesn’t it? So powerful, so positive so…  just great. However, what has become increasingly clear over the last few weeks is that it is JUST a slogan because what hasn’t been made… Continue reading Let’s make Britain great – not Great.

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How Not To Write Reports

DISCLAIMER: Obviously I would never leave my reports until the last minute/drink whilst writing reports/have nothing to say about a child in my class. I would also never write a blog post about reports as procrastination from actually writing reports. This internal monologue is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are… Continue reading How Not To Write Reports