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Are We Too Mean To Men?

“The first rule of being a man in modern Britain is you’re not allowed to talk about it.” It was a very ordinary Tuesday. I went out to collect my class and one of my favourite parents (yes, we have favourites) came running up to me dragging her daughter behind her. “Sorry Miss Brown, it was Daddy’s turn to get her… Continue reading Are We Too Mean To Men?

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#Teacher5aday Pledge 2016

Martyn Reah’s idea is a very simple one: If teachers are happy their pupils are happy. To achieve this wellbeing needs to be at the forefront of a school’s agenda and head teachers need to make looking after their staff a priority. However it is all too easy to blame a head teacher for our… Continue reading #Teacher5aday Pledge 2016

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Just 3 Teachers

A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite Educational bloggers @MichaelT1979 published this post. Since then other bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon and done their own version of the post – teachers aren’t as averse to copying as people think. The idea is you pick three teachers from your own education. One who you now… Continue reading Just 3 Teachers