I wish I was the gold Power Ranger


“If you could have one wish come true what would you ask for?”

I asked a group 6-year-olds and their answers ranged from the moving to the downright bizarre.

I Wish…

To be the gold Power Ranger. No, black. NO, NO – gold, gold.

For a crown,

For a Christmas tree,

To have a gun.


To see my Dad again,

For book with a lock and a code,

I want to have new glasses,

I’d like a BMW.


That my mum plays games with me,

To be the pink Power Ranger (no prizes for guessing who this child was sat next to.)

For a penguin,

I wish for beautiful Batgirl clothes.


I want lots of chocolate!

I want Nanny to come out of hospital,

For a magic stick,

I would like a friend.


So lovely readers –  what would your wish be?

2 thoughts on “I wish I was the gold Power Ranger

  1. Some real honest responses here from 6 year olds… “Gun”worries me a bit! And wishing “mum to play with me” and “see my dad again” are sad. So what would Inwish for in just one wish. I always say “health and happiness” but if I was pushed for just one….I guess it has to be “health” the good variety! Maybe “happiness”can come along too?


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