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2015 – Who Runs The World? (Girls)

Despite not being Liz Kendall’s biggest fan, I practically whooped with joy when I read that she’d told a Daily Mail journalist to fuck off for asking about her weight. 2015 was a big year in politics and particularly for women. 2015 was the year that saw Turkey and Saudi Arabia elect record number of female politicians, Hilary Clinton have resounding success in the Presidential debates and The Sun finally succumb… Continue reading 2015 – Who Runs The World? (Girls)

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Twas The Night Before Ofsted

In the penultimate week of the Autumn term 2014 we received The Call. You know, from Ofsted. As I’m sure you can imagine/know first hand – the 24 hours between getting the call and Ofsted arriving are the most intense, hysterical and exhausting you’ll ever experience when working in a school. Moods swing unpredictably between anxious and stressed to hysterical… Continue reading Twas The Night Before Ofsted

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23 ways teachers know that Christmas is coming…

  Last week the TES published an article called “23 ways that primary teachers know that Christmas is coming”. Now I like the TES but I think a more honest version of that post could be written. So I’ve written it. 23 Ways Primary School Teachers Know That Christmas Is Coming 1) The “no drinking on a… Continue reading 23 ways teachers know that Christmas is coming…

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That’s What She Read

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 was to read every night. That hasn’t happened. So around Easter I decided I would settle for a book a  month which was far more achievable. On reflection 2015 was the year of comfort reading. I re-read some old favourites and the first time reads were books written by authors… Continue reading That’s What She Read