Dear Job…

miss brown

Dear Job.

I like you a lot. You challenge me, motivate me and reward me. We’ve been together 6 years now and have shared some very special times. Because of you I’ve taught children to read, write, count and think. I have boxes upon boxes of thank you cards. Some from parents with beautifully written messages inside but most are drawings of me with three eyes and blue hair – I love them all.

Job you’ve made me a better person. I’m more patient, harder working and stronger than I was when we first got together. You’ve made me resilient. I can now sit in meetings about unspeakably horrible cases of child abuse and not even wince, let alone cry.

Without you Job, I would never have met so many of my closest friends or my future husband. You introduced me to politics and made me realise it was too important to be ambivalent about. It was because of you I went on my first rally.

I’ve learnt to speak publically, sung dozens of songs, ran clubs, written plays, stories and poems, dressed as a fish, dressed as a bear and baked a lot. I’ve learnt how to plot linear equations, play tag rugby and use a semi-colon. Job – all of these were opportunities you gave me. I am so grateful.

I’ve been the cause and the cure for tears. I’ve had thousands of children sing happy birthday to me. I’ve had the pleasure of watching 30 children see a baby chick hatch from an egg. I’ve watched light bulb moments and seen the frustration when a child just doesn’t “get it.”

Job at this point I also want to say thank you for the holidays.

However Job, there are some things you do that I don’t like. I don’t like that we spend 12 hours a day together and I really don’t like that you follow me home. I don’t like that you leave me with just 4 waking hours each day to spend time with my husband-to-be or to see my lovely friends and family. I don’t like that you constantly make me doubt myself and question whether I’m doing enough. I hate that no matter how hard I work the lives of the children I teach don’t seem to get any better. I resent that I spend most of the year grey and exhausted. If I’m honest Job – you’re becoming impossible.

I eagerly await your response.




2 thoughts on “Dear Job…

  1. PS:
    Dear job
    These are the genius word of my daughter-whom I love beyond measure – ‘more than lollypops’ infact. Please job; don’t destroy her passion, her energy and her sheer brilliance.
    You see job, children really need teachers like my daughter-who give their everything-everyday. Who fight the system to ensure that children are more than exam sitting, grade attaining statistics. Who wholly believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be heard and gently supported on the journey to becoming rounded, critical thinking, empathetic adults-whose self esteem is such, that they truly do believe they can reach for the stars!
    Please, please job…..look after my girl….because you may not realise it, but you and thousands of children….really do need her!
    Thank you

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  2. My son who is now a teacher in San Francisco, used to recite the mantra. “Work to live not live to work” but since he has become a teacher, having had three other jobs first, I guess I don’t hear that as often. Despite a difficult and time consuming job, he does appear to have more “Me time” than I ever managed. Looking back on my 27 years in the classroom albeit 20 years as a headteacher, I wrecked my first marriage but it was doomed anyway! and I met my second wife whom I still love deeply, although she is cross with me right now (don’t ask!)… BUT I did have fun and I still feel proud, if that is allowed, of what I achieved! Of course I doubted my efforts every single day, I was often too sensitive, particularly to criticism from OFSTED, I often reflected too much when I should have just moved on but, having said that, I think a teacher who does not reflect is a poor teacher…
    So JOB I hope you are put in your place because always remember it is just a job not a JOB!
    Teaching IS the best job in the world. It is just that too many people take it for granted and do not give it the resource it needs…
    …to be continued!

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