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15 Reasons I’m Not A Grown-Up Yet

My best friend and I often talk about when we’re “grown-up”. We talk about how we’ll behave and the things we’ll be able to do. We’ve been talking about this for about 14 years. It seems no matter how old you are there are people around you that are far better at being an adult.… Continue reading 15 Reasons I’m Not A Grown-Up Yet


For The Love Of Gilbert

From terrorism to the steady decline of the education system, it’s an understatement to say that my posts have been rather gloomy of late. There’s plenty to be blogging about in Politics at the moment – should we bomb Syria? Probably not. Should we leave the EU? Probably not. Is the Chilcot Report ever going to be released?… Continue reading For The Love Of Gilbert


Bankers: Some advice.

The news that bankers who retrain as teachers are exhausted by the hours is not surprising.  I’ve been off work these last couple of days those that know me know that is virtually unheard of. I have some nasty virus thing but mostly I think I’m just really, really burnt out and my body is definitely letting me… Continue reading Bankers: Some advice.

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Dear Job…

Dear Job. I like you a lot. You challenge me, motivate me and reward me. We’ve been together 6 years now and have shared some very special times. Because of you I’ve taught children to read, write, count and think. I have boxes upon boxes of thank you cards. Some from parents with beautifully written messages inside but most are drawings… Continue reading Dear Job…


How To Talk To Children About Terrorism

In 2013 the EDL set fire to an Islamic Centre in Barnet. Later that year I found myself teaching a child who had attended classes at the centre. “They burnt it down because the English don’t want Muslims here,” he told me one day in the middle of a maths lesson. We talked about what he meant and… Continue reading How To Talk To Children About Terrorism