Why It Matters


It’s the salary of the midwife

Who you met on your first day

And the time your parents took off work

With maternity pay

It’s the right to free education

And the age that you start school

It’s whether you pay for school lunch

Or if they’re free for all


It’s how quickly you get an appointment

And the fact the NHS is free

It’s the waiting time for that ambulance

Or life-saving surgery


And if you pick up some bad habits

Like drinking or cigarette smoking

The amount those items cost you

Is decided by your voting


When you get to university

Politics dictates the fee

It’s decides your minimum wage

Whether or not you have a degree


If you fall in love with someone

It’s politics that say

You can marry your favourite person

Whether you’re straight or gay


It’s the ever-rising house prices

And the cost of stamp duty

It’s the amount of social housing

And the letting agent’s fee


It’s when your rubbish is collected

And how well the streets are lit

It’s the cost to park your car in town

The price of your train ticket


And if you’re ill, disabled or jobless

Despite how hard you try,

It’s the benefits you can claim

That will you help you get by


And later in life, politics states

The age you can retire

You can choose to claim a pension

Don’t just work ’til you expire


It’s even the weekend you enjoy

At the end of a long week,

The fact you get paid for your labour

And it’s also your freedom to speak


You’re entitled to a trial

You have basic human rights

These things did not just “happen”

It was people brave enough to fight

So don’t just “let them get on with it”

Or dismiss it as idle chatter

And please don’t ever say to me

That politics doesn’t matter


Because you do understand politics

You live it every day

So when you get the opportunity

Make sure you have your say


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