10 Things You Will Probably Do Within The First 6 Months Of Starting Your Blog

Along with fireworks, dark evenings and the first hints of Christmas, November brings my 29th birthday and the 6 month anniversary of The Girl on the Piccadilly Line. Prior to this blog my previous blogging experience had consisted of 6 posts during a summer in Italy. I am really enjoying blogging and have learnt an awful lot over… Continue reading 10 Things You Will Probably Do Within The First 6 Months Of Starting Your Blog


Eat. Read. London.

For a literature geek like myself London is a treasure trove of literary history. Walk through this marvellous city and you can find yourself in a pub with Keats, Byron and Shelley, strolling alongside Sherlock Holmes on your way to work or walking Kensington Gardens with Elinor Dashwood. London is full of nods to some… Continue reading Eat. Read. London.


The Wrongs of Right-to-Buy

Haringey hit the (local) news recently for handing BACK £15m to the Government from the sale of council homes. Quite rightly people were outraged that in the midst of the most severe housing crisis this country has seen Haringey were giving back money that could be spent on building new homes. Last month I went to… Continue reading The Wrongs of Right-to-Buy


Parents’ Evening

I’ll never forget my first parents’ evening – by the 28th appointment I was so tired I referred to the child by the wrong name. Twice. Parent teacher relationships are surprisingly tricky given we both care so much about the same child. I’m fortunate to have had some amazing parents over the years: parents who have helped on trips… Continue reading Parents’ Evening

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What I Want To Hear

As anyone that follows me any sort of social media/anyone that would listen to me last week knows, I attended the Labour Leadership hustings on Sunday. I felt how most people probably feel waiting to see their favourite band: “I can’t believe we’re going to be in the same room as them!” “It’ll be so… Continue reading What I Want To Hear